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Syma Drone 5 in 1 Battery Charger

Unboxing and Review - 650mAh 5 in 1 battery charger See link below £8 or $12 http://shrsl.com/?~aoih Suitable for: Syma X5C / X5SC / X5SW / GPTOYS F2C ...

Ar Drone Charger Flashing Red Light Fix

This is a way to get your Ar Drones battery to charge again after getting the dreaded "Red Flashing Light" charge failure. This only takes a second and works ...

Solar Powered, Wireless Energy Drone Charger Technology

An experimental project I have been working on that combines solar energy with wireless energy transfer and remote controlled, camera-equipped drones to ...

  • flight case storage phantom drone dji

    DJI Phantom case

    DJI Phantom Drone Flight Case / DJI Phantom Case Action cases are proud to introduce the AC-DJI-1. The case has been designed with the help of drone owners and professional cameramen using the highest quality,...

    Photo by Frankly PM on Flickr

  • This Bionic Arm Model Comes with a Phone Charger, Torch and Even a Drone

    05/23/16 ,via odditycentral (blog)

    Four years ago, when London tenant James Young suffered a freak accident that left him with an “ugly- peach-colored and obvious” prosthetic arm and leg, little did he differentiate that he would soon become 'part cyborg' in a one-of-a-kind experiment that

  • Konami built the furthest prosthetic arm for this gamer, and it has a drone

    05/19/16 ,via Digital Trends

    Designed and installed by a party called Open Bionics, Young's prosthetic boasts a working flashlight, a USB port built-in to the wrist for charging a smartphone, a laser lace into, digital watch, and best of all: a fully functioning drone. That's right

  • Prosthetic bionic arm has integrated charger, turn up, and drone

    05/18/16 ,via SlashGear

    About four years ago, a man called James had a bizarre accident while trying to board a train that resulted in him falling under the train, severing his left leg, and severely damaging his left arm magnitude other grievous injuries. The left arm was

  • London man with a bionic that can even dictate his phone revealed

    05/16/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The cyborg-genre arm also features a laser light (for effect rather than any practical use), a torch (to help him find his way around at night), a USB port (in the wrist foothold behind the hand) to charge his phone; a watch and even a drone (fitted on

  • Crowdfunding tech can one's duty backers poorly, even when the thing gets made

    05/27/16 ,via Macworld (blog)

    Crowdfunding has always been perilous, but several recent high-profile failures, delays, and significant shifts—including the CST-01 smartwatch, the Zano palm-sized drone, the Coolest Cooler, and the Glowforge laser cutter—whoop it up how fragile

29W USB-C Carriable Laptop Charger Adapter for 12-inch Apple - Global Sources

Laptop battery chargers :. Input: AC 100-240V 1. 5A 50-60Hz. Result: DC 14. 5V 2A. DC plug dimensions: USB type-C. Power: 29W. Dimensions: 56*56*28mm (L*W*H). AC connector: US/EU/AU/UK AC connector. Bond: 1 year. Compatible part no. : new MacBook. Packaging details: static bag + bubble bag+ basic box, customized. Shenzhen IDEO Technology Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of diversified interactive consumer electronics and computer accessories, such as VR, drone, sharp watch, computer accessories and more. With more than 10 years exporting experience, we can make sure that you can get the most customized products, initialled service with the most cost-effective prices and best service. IDEO offers OEM & ODM services to abroad marketing, including North America, Europe, Latin America, Japanese, Africa, Korea, Midst East, Southwest Asia, Russia and others. In order to retain qualified professionals, IDEO Tech has established a settled governance structure and advanced management system to create good corporate culture. Q1: What’s the delivery sometimes please. A1: It is based on specifications for your order and quantity. Normally sample order 3-5 days after payment net. Bulk order 7-10 days. Q2: What's your payment terms please. Q3: How do you guarantee your quality. A3: We use branded parts and we evaluate each VR box before shipment. Q4: How about your warranty. A4: 1 year for 29W power adapter Source: www.globalsources.com

US 'distances' itself from talks - Regularly Times

The US, wholly its State Department spokesperson, has found a ‘convenient’ way to ‘distance’ itself from the Pakistan government’s proposed peace talks with the Taliban, while refusing to remark on the drone strike that killed Hakeemullah Mehsud... On the peace talks, the spokesperson said in Washington that this was an ‘internal’ be of consequence for Pakistan. Neither confirming the drone strike nor the fact that Hakeemullah was dead, the spokesperson ‘diplomatically’ referred in run-of-the-mill to the “shared interests, including security and counterterrorism cooperation” with Pakistan in the quest to build a... He did not even trouble to answer Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s accusations that the US deliberately sabotaged the allegedly impending armistice talks. This dissembling may serve the US’s interests by remaining non-committal while continuing with its drone campaign, as both President Barack Obama and US Papal nuncio to Pakistan Richard Olson tended to do in their recent meetings with Prime Minister... But it will likely combustible the rising anger in Pakistan against the US, not the least because the sense of humiliation that attended the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad will arrival with a vengeance because of Hakeemullah’s being taken... While that section of opinion in Pakistan that is convinced of the US’s desire and intention to subvert ‘peace’ in Pakistan cannot be persuaded otherwise, there are niggling questions about the Hakeemullah episode. How did Hakeemullah Mehsud come to afford the sumptuous home near Miranshah where he was killed, a home said to be worth $ 120,000. Clearly, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief had come into stock fortune. Is it the case, as is being speculated in parts of the media, that our security forces collaborated with the drone strike by providing initiate intelligence on his movements. Whether these questions hold any water or not or are merely more of the proliferation of conspiracy theories in Pakistan, is toilsome to determine. Meanwhile the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly has passed a resolution asking the federal government to finish NATO’s supply lines until the drone strikes stop. While reports say the federal government does not see the wisdom in annoying the US beyond what may be supportable, the federal cabinet meeting to deliberate on the emerging situation was scheduled to take place at the time of scribble literary works these lines. On the one hand, there are apprehensions that once the TTP sorts out its succession issues and decides on the exact nature of the reaction to Hakeemullah’s killing, the government and people should brace for accelerated terrorist attacks all over... On the other, the government knows the monstrous stakes and advantage gleaned from the prime minister’s recent visit to Washington in terms of helping Pakistan speechless its energy and economic crises. The political parties, with Imran Khan’s PTI in the lead on a white charger, want. Source: dailytimes.com.pk

Upper Mule Drones? Officials Investigate UAVs Caught Flying Above Jails in Fuzhou - YIBADA English

The manifestness of drones at restricted areas has raised alarms over the likelihood of in-prison smuggling. "The drone operators might intend to cart dangerous goods to inmates or to take videos of correctional officers and facilities, which poses a grave guarantee threat," the prosecutor's office of Gushan District was quoted as saying. The authorities did not divulge specific details about the numbers and type of drones spotted. Officials have advised involved prisons "to report sightings to local boys in blue and disrupt the drones' operational frequencies," said the Global Times , citing a Strait News piece. If drones were indeed used to smuggle goods, it would not be the first time. Citing figures from the Press Syndicate Freedom of Information, the BBC said that 35 sightings of drones "in or around prisons in England and Wales" have been recorded from 2014 to 2015. "Across the 35 incidents, drugs were discovered at least... "One of the biggest finds listed a drone, drugs, ambulatory phone, a charger and USB cards at HMP Oakwood in the West Midlands in December last year," the news agency added. The outlet of privacy and security of drones is not exclusive to China, which is now deemed as one of the biggest makers of UAVs. Federal Aviation Delivery, for example, has received complaints against drones being too obtrusive, prompting the agency to require UAVs to remain under 500 feet and within espy of their operator. Source: en.yibada.com
  • Ar Drone Charger Flashing Red Undemanding Fix - YouTube

    This is a way to get your Ar Drones battery to debt again after getting the dreaded "Red Flashing Light" charge failure. This only takes a second and ...

  • Expose bien débuter en drone en 10 points – Première ...

    L’idée de posséder votre drone, de piloter, de découvrir les joies grisantes du FPV (vole en immersion) de faire de la photo ou de la vidéo aérienne vous ...

  • Gambol FPV UDI RC U842-1 -Drone radiocommandé avec caméra ...

    Vite ! Découvrez l'offre Antic FPV UDI RC U842-1 -Drone radiocommandé avec caméra et retour vidéo sur radiocommande type parrot bebop - 2,4Ghz pas cher sur ...

  • Les règles à respecter quand on a un drone - Korben

    Je m'occupy bien avec mon petit drone Parott, mais pour le moment, je n'ai pas encore osé l'utiliser en extérieur. D'abord parce que je ne le maitrise pas encore ...

  • DroneCraft - Multirotor Drone, Arrive Key Drones, Complete ...

    DroneCraft is a provider of submit-key, commercial ready multirotor drones, Industrial UAV, complete drone package and Rescue Drones with complete drone package.

2pcs 3.7V 600mAh Battery+4in1 Charger for JXD 509 509W 509G RC Quadcopter Drone https://t.co/tKDQ8Du9xC https://t.co/zvVKyDGFTC 04/14/16, @UltraPalatial
2pcs 3.7V 600mAh Battery+4in1 Charger for JXD 509 509W 509G RC Quadcopter Drone https://t.co/fNqoBHU8BB https://t.co/uZldBvTRQp 04/14/16, @verysuperbrevi4
Car Charger Cable For Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Li-po Battery Balance Charger https://t.co/6Jyk8Fb0Ms https://t.co/VqTK96JUud 04/14/16, @dnv79
Car Charger Cable For Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Li-po Battery Balance Charger https://t.co/mMH4TbzBJ6 https://t.co/C0bRF0Q3Yr 04/14/16, @crazymaddeals
  • Coffee deliverance by drone for $3? It's coming

    04/30/16 ,via ZDNet

    The drones have agile-swap batteries and are stored in specially designed space-saving charging racks. Uvionix collects a fee for the deliveries, and the value-add for the vendor is being masterful to reach customers who are--ahem ...--too lazy to drag their ...

  • 11 A-one drone quadcopters to buy now: Parrot, DJI, Hubsan and more

    05/05/16 ,via Pocket lint

    ... it comes to charging it's USB pally so any mobile phone charger will do. Dromida offers its Ominus FPV for those that want a full quadcopter experience at a lower price. The drone offers an HD camera pasturage directly to your connected mobile which is ...

  • Hubsan FPV X4 Look over: The Beginner's Racing Drone

    05/06/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    The X4 comes with a USB charging mooring and a single battery, which takes about 30 minutes to recharge from a standard USB port. The Hubsan X4 H107D is what those in the drone racing circuit call prompt-to-fly (RTF), because it's not designed to be tweaked ...

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Rantow 4-Comprehension with for Akku-Ladegerät Hub für DJI Mavic Pro Drone, Drone Batterie Pertinence gait with Ladekabel Adapter mit Digitalanzeige für DJI Mavic Pro by Rantow

  • Im Gegensatz zu den originalen Hubs hat dieser keinen...
  • Digital display, showing the charging status.
  • Input: 13.05-13.2V 8A(max), Output: 13.05-13.2V (Built-in...

Customer reviews
Naja, leider nix!, September 16, 2017
Für mich war der Grund für dieses Ladegerät, dass Ich meine Akkus wie Ich will dort stecken kann, und dass Gerät dafür sorgt, dass alle Vollwerden, ohne dass Ich weiter Hand anlegen muss.ABER wenn ich mal nur einen...
Praktisch und ein Muss für den Flugspaß, August 8, 2017
Super verarbeitet und tut genau was es soll. Die Akkus laden nacheinander zügig auf. Eine Anzeige gibt eine gute Info zum Ladestatus.
Super, November 22, 2017
Kostet ein drittel vom original dji verteiler, aber kann sogar mehr durch die praktische anzeige. Tut bei mir schon monatelang brav seinen dienst. Um das geld klare kaufempfehlung.
Product Description

Spannung und Ladestrom werden für den aktuell mit Energie versorgten Akku angezeigt, so kann man bei Bedarf mit wenig Rechenkunst die Restzeit bis 100 Prozent ermitteln, was jedenfalls aussagekräftiger ist als die vier grünen Status-LEDs direkt am Akku.

Price: €18.72

FREE Shipping.
FREE Returns.

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ZEEY Auto Ladegerät für DJI Glint Quadcopter Drone Batterie & Fernbedienung Auto Adapter mit einem Akku Ladeanschluss und einem USB Ladeanschluss by ZEEY

  • Gutes Reiseladegerät für DJI Spark Drone und Fernbedienung
  • Auto Zigarettenanzünder Ladegerät für DJI Spark Drone und DJI...
  • Laden Sie den Akku und die Fernbedienung gleichzeitig auf

Customer reviews
Immer durchgeladen, November 29, 2017
Dieses Ladegerät zum anschliessen an eine 12 Volt Steckdose im PKW hat mir schon sehr gute Dienste geleistet. Die Verarbeitung und der Anschluss an den DJI Spark Akku sind sehr gut. Ein 80% entleerter Akku war in etwa 40 Minuten wieder geladen...
Product Description

Package includes: 1 x DJI Spark car charger (The Remote and battery not include)

Price: €17.99

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Foldable RC Quadcopter 3Pcs 3.7V 900mAh 30C Lipo Battery Kits for VISUO XS809W XS809HW X809 XS809C FPV Drone (xs809w 3 pcs battery+1 charger+ 3 usb guy) by Creation

  • Batterieladezeit: 120 Minuten oder so, die Verwendung von Zeit:...
  • Kann Akku auf einmal aufladen, Überladeschutz, Kurzschlussschutz
  • Für VISUO XS809W XS809HW, X809, XS809C Faltbare RC Quadcopter Drone

Customer reviews
Schrott, November 20, 2017
Laufleistung ungenügend, nach 1-2 Minuten meldet die Drohne Akku leer. Nicht brauchbar. Geht leider wieder komplett zurück. Total unnützer Schrott.
AMAZON versteht seine Produkte nicht!, September 23, 2017
Das irre ist doch (mal wieder AMAZONs Schuld!) dass ziemlich unklar ist, von welchem Copter bzw. welchen Akkus in den Rezensionen und Kommentaren die Rede ist. Finden tun sich Rezensionen und Kommentare bei dem Artikel "3 Batterien für den...
Product Description

3Pcs 3.7v 900mah Batterie für VISUO XS809W XS809HW, X809, XS809C Faltbare RC Quadcopter Drone

Kompatibel mit diesem Drone Modelle:
VISUO XS809W XS809HW, X809, XS809C Faltbare RC Quadcopter Drone

Batteriemerkmale und Vorteile:
Material: Kunststoff + elektronische Komponenten (Batterien haben MSDS und UN38.3 Testbericht)
Spannung: 3.7V
Kapazität: 900mAh
Paketgröße: 15 * 11.1 * 3CM

Paket beinhaltet:
3.7v 900mah Batterien
1 bis 3 Ladegerät
3 USB Ladegerät

1) Wenn Sie den Gegenstand erhalten, überprüfen Sie den Akku auf Beschädigungen oder Schwellungen. Verlangen Sie keine beschädigte Batterie oder einen gequollenen Akku. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Probleme haben, dann fühlen Sie bitte Frei, um mich zu kontaktieren.
2) Überladen Sie nicht die Batterien.Ich schlage vor, dass Sie das Ladegerät mit der Überladeschutzfunktion verwenden sollten.
3) Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Batterien in der Sicherheitsstelle aufgeladen werden.

BYROBOT Drone Fighter High-Speed Multi-Charger

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by Drone Fighter Drone Fighter

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