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90% Of U.S. Drone Strikes Don't Hit 'Intended Targets'

Nearly 90 percent of the people killed by U.S. drone strikes in Afghanistan over a five-month period were not the intended targets. The Pentagon internally ...

TobyRich gaming drone: 90 degree hover mode!

Today we have got a video of the 'slow indoor flight mode' and the 'hover mode': Our sensors stabilize the plane although the flow over the wings is already ...

Idea Internet Network IIN Drone 90 sec TVC

  • STARS ☺

    Traveling to the stars? get Si-BORED Industries Explorer Drone! Designed to fit in your space-closet, this happy SmileSpace traveler will go where you can't, with 90% humour and 100% wuv. -- Shout out to Eric for...

    Photo by Si-MOCs on Flickr

  • 90 drone owners in St. Cloud daybook machines

    05/19/16 ,via St. Cloud Times

    WASHINGTON — Eighty-nine drone owners in St. Cloud have registered machines with the federal rule. On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration released a database revealing the number. It also showed about 330 owners have 

  • What caused EgyptAir level crash? A look at likely scenarios

    05/20/16 ,via KCBY.com 11

    Greek authorities say the horizontal swerved 90 degrees left and then 360 degrees right before it plummeted into the Mediterranean Sea. "It could have been hit by a missile or a drone. Something hits it and changes the by all means," he said. Hans Kjall, of

  • US targets undercover work threat on campus with proposed research clampdown

    05/20/16 ,via Reuters

    Roth worn foreign students in research on plasma-based flight-control devices for drone aircraft under a U.S. Air Force contract. He let two foreign students illegally bring in access to sensitive information and export it to China Stanford told the

  • Lancaster teen fined for spooking geese with a drone at Waist Creek

    05/20/16 ,via LancasterOnline

    Crook Photographer. Snow geese migration, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. prev. next. A Lancaster teen has been fined for flying a drone and flushing migrating snow geese at Bull's-eye Creek Wildlife Management Area.

  • Invalidate Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

    05/20/16 ,via Cato Institute

    The article also focused on Obama's efforts to transfigure the nature of how the United States wages war, relying more on drone strikes and targeted special forces operations than traditional intervention with footing forces. But in doing so, the Times

Repute birthdays for the week of May 8-14 - WTOP

May 8: Wit Don Rickles is 90. Singer Toni Tennille is 76. Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett is 71. Actor See Blankfield (“Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” ”The Incredible Shrinking Woman”) is 68. Drummer Chris Frantz of Talking Heads and of Tom Tom... Bassist Keith West of Heartland is 48. Actor Nicky Katt (“Boston Prominent”) is 46. Actor Coby Bell (“Third Watch”) is 41. Cellist Perttu Kivilaakso of Apocalyptica is 38. Actor Jonathan Jackson (“Nashville,” ”Tuck Continual”) is 34. Rapper Ace... Source: wtop.com

Even Elon Musk wasn't sure-fire if SpaceX could nail this incredibly difficult landing - Business Insider

After launching a communications and TV broadcasting sputnik toward an extremely high orbit, the rocket beat the odds and landed its first stage safely on aim on the “Of Course I Still Love You” drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It also successfully delivered a satellite called JCSAT-14 — which will publish HD TV to folks in the Asia-Pacific region and help boats and airplanes communicate — into geosynchronous transfer circle (GTO). GTO is a highly elliptical orbit that puts the satellite in position to move around the Earth about 22,000 miles first of all sea level. To put this in perspective, the first stage of the rocket from SpaceX’s first successful Falcon 9 landing at sea (on April 8, 2016) was returning from low Clay orbit (LEO), which is only 1,000 miles above sea level. Friday's target is 90 times further from Earth than the Worldwide Space Station, where some of SpaceX's previous rockets have launched payloads. To reach it, the rocket had to travel inartistically 23,000 miles per hour, 13. 5 times faster than a speeding bullet. After turning 180 degrees and reentering into Planet’s atmosphere, Friday’s rocket also:. Traveled more than a mile per second Used 4 times as much energy as the last SpaceX zoom Withstood 8 times as much heat as the last SpaceX rocket Shortly after it launches, the first stage burns into done with its propellant, then separates and heads... This is to prevent it from dragging the rocket down with excess mass on its way to go round. Next, the second stage, carrying the satellite, continues to its first burn, bringing it to circle Earth in what the SpaceX engineers castigate "parking orbit. " Then the second burn begins, raising the orbit to geostationary distance about 22,000 miles superior to before sea level — geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO). Here, the satellite is in position to achieve its desired orbit. When the satellite reaches its highest thought of orbit, it uses its thrusters to prevent getting to close to Earth. Launches to extremely high orbits like this insist more fuel, which is where landing on a drone ship comes in handy: They require less fuel than traditional launch pad landings on earth. This landing was a perfect opportunity for SpaceX to prove its reusable rocket technology, which will significantly decrease the cost of pause travel. Source: www.businessinsider.com

Rehashing: Cheech & Chong light up sold-out crowd - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Forty-five years of paragon contemporary comedy came to Honolulu in superb style Thursday night as counterculture icons Cheech & Chong entertained a sold-out crib at the Hawaii Theatre. Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong performed for more than 90 minutes and in that opportunity covered a good cross-section of their repertoire. There were costume character sketches, original songs and a signature prevarication parody, some storytelling and some straight stand-up comedy. Chong’s wife, comedienne Shelby Chong, opened the evening with 10 minutes or so of a popsy’s perspective on marijuana, sex, relationships, and the experience of being married for 40 years to Tommy Chong. There was no “filler” substantive and no slow moments with Cheech and Chong. One of the many audience favorites was “Dave,” the sketch on their self-titled inauguration album famous for the phrase “Dave’s not here. ” Another was a slightly updated version of “Santa Claus and His Old Lady” in which Santa cuts back on his Christmas deliveries because he damn near got taken out by a drone over Afghanistan. Unlike the situation with “The Book of Mormon” at the Blaisdell Concert Hall last month, where some bought tickets heedless of that show’s X-rated language and subject matter, there were no walk-outs on Cheech & Chong. Everyone in the place seemed primed for the duo’s again explicit commentary on drug use and sex, their use of racial and ethnic stereotypes, and a sketch about Chong’s experiences of being strip searched in approved school. Chong commented at one point that they broke up because they became rich and “You can’t make a rich Mexican do ——. ”. Marin – who is Mexican-American and is cordially-known for portraying stereotypical Mexicans and Mexican-Americans — was in excellent... The duo’s Bruce Springsteen poke fun at, “Born in the U. S. A. ” redone as “Born in East L. A. ,” has been one of his showcase dialect numbers since 1985 and was a flock-pleaser on Thursday. Chong plumbed the depths of political incorrectness with hilarious spot-on accuracy with his undimmed-costumed portrayal of African-American blues singer Blind Melon Lemon. During a solo brake-up sketch Chong suggested that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton “have made a deal. ” He said that America shouldn’t sweat bullets too much about a Trump presidency (“We got through Nixon, we got through Bush, we can get through Trump”). And, there would probably be no projectile tests or other provocative acts by the North Koreans once they realized that Trump was waiting for a reason – any ratiocinate, just gimme a reason – to “push the button” on them. The most serious moment of all came with their rendition of “”Does Your Mama Discern About Me,” the song Chong wrote in the 1960s when he was a member of a multi-racial soul group, Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers. They explained that although Chong was theme about interracial relationships in 1968 the song could apply to any type of relationship. Marin joked that Chong had in reality been writing about a type of relationship that even today isn’t accepted, but jokes aside, as they sang the song they made it uncloudy that they support tolerance. Source: www.staradvertiser.com
  • Drone Machine shop, l'expérience du drone - Vente de drones, fpv ...

    BONNES AFFAIRES DRONE Teach d'atterrissage retractable S800 - DJI. 825,90 €-13% ... 284,90 €-14%. 246,13 € ...

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  • Drone — Wikipédia

    Un drone (de l'anglais drone [1]) désigne un aéronef sans pilote à bord. ... Le Drone 2.0 de chez Delta Drone [90], est un mini-drone de 4 ...

  • Drones Civils - Copycat USA - Bebop Drone, Minidrones, Zik ...

    Mimic conçoit, développe et commercialise des produits grand public et de haute technologie pour les smartphones et tablettes ainsi que des solutions ...

  • Mimic Bebop Drone. Le quadricoptère robuste et ultra ...

    Choisissez entre Reiterate Bebop Drone ou le pack Parrot Bebop Drone + Skycontroller en fonction de la portée désirée pour vos vols. Vous voulez voler encore supplementary loin ?

@POTUS Were you #inspired to #drone bomb at a 90% civilian kill rate before or after Ms. Mabel's class? #drones 05/04/16, @LibertyPwnage
Obama-led drone strikes kill innocents 90% of the time: report: https://t.co/MNuvkCjML2 via @washtimes 05/04/16, @Angel_Casas_
Choreographed drone dance in front of Mt. Fuji is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new https://t.co/Rg1LpL0a1K 05/03/16, @amkhan_90
RT @LincolnChafee: US drone policy: 90% ppl killed were unintended targets. What better way to help our enemies recruit? @the_intercept htt… 05/03/16, @Hearthstoker
  • Humble businesses embrace drones

    05/08/16 ,via Your West Valley

    New York • That drone flying in all directions from a suburban house might not belong to a wannabe pilot — it may be a tool that’s become indispensable for a small business. Many small companies have either built their corporation around drones or use them to do tasks ...

  • Toronto drone flyer recovers spent camera thanks to Bunz Trading

    04/25/16 ,via Metro News

    Bryan Cacciatore forth hours searching the ground for his new 360-degree camera, which had wrestled loose from his drone, falling 90-metres into a muddy distend of Riverdale Park East. The licensed drone pilot had mounted the new camera last Wednesday for ...

  • The classics: Fears over drone use

    05/04/16 ,via Globe Gazette

    ... maturity of "precise missiles" which arm most drones has led manufacturers to call drones precise weapons. The "Intercept" website, however, reports nearly 90 percent of people killed in late drone strikes in Afghanistan were not the intended ...

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CS Primacy Toad 90 Micro Brushless FPV Racing Drone F3 DSHOT BNF Away Controller with DSM2/X RX Receiver by CS PRIORITY

  • Propeller: 50mm 5-blades propeller
  • Size:115mm*115mm*50mm
  • Battery: 7.4V 450mah 80C lipo battery

Product Description

OSD: Betaflight OSD
Firmware of Flight controller :Betaflight 3.1
Flight time : 3-4minutes
BNF version Receiver Option:
Frsky D8 modee SBUS receiver (RSSI ready)
Flysky 8ch AFHDS 2A receiver
Specktrum DSM2/X Compatible receiver
Flight controller Specification:
Mount hole: 20mm*20mm
Processor: STM32 F303 MCU
Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU6000
Built-in Betaflight OSD ( Batt voltage, RSSI , Artificial Horizon , Fly mode , - Flytime, Craft name etz.)
Firmware version: Betaflight 3.1 Dshot ready
Target: Omnibus
Extremely light and more powerful
STM32 F303MCU + BLHELI_S ESC make your Operating feel more stabilly and silky
Package include:
1 x Happymodel Toad 90 Frame kit
1 x Betaflight F3 6DOF flight controller build-in OSD
1 x DSM2/X Receiver
4 x Happymodel 1104 7500KV brushless motor
1 x BS410 10A BLHELI_S 16.5 2-3S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600
4 x 50mm 5-blades propeller CW
4 x 50mm 5-blades propeller CCW
1 x 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4 inch camera
1 x 5.8g 25MW 48CH NTSC/PAL VTX
1 x 7.4V 450mah 80C lipo battery
1 x Buzzer
4 x Propeller guards

Price: €36.99
You Save: EUR 16,00 (43%)
FREE Shipping.
FREE Returns.

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TUTUO Tello 4 in1 Batterie Ladegerät Hub, Paralleles Schnellladegerät mit Ladekabel für DJI Tello Drone, Multi-Battery Ladestation by TUTUO

  • 【Paketliste】 Ladegerät * 1, Ladekabel * 1.
  • 【Sicheres Ladegerät】 Integrierter Smart-Lade-Schutz-Chip, schützen...
  • 【Mini Größe】 Dimension: ca. 8 * 8 * 3 cm. Leicht zu transportieren...

Customer reviews
Leider......, June 7, 2018
ist es, wie es bei China Produkten eher ständig zu sein scheint.Die Beschreibung stimmt nicht mit der Wirklichkeit überein. Es handelt sich hier NICHT um einen Schnelllader, sondern es wird ganz wie in der Drohne ca.90 min geladen.Wenn...
Macht was es soll. Gut verarbeitet, June 18, 2018
Bin total zufrieden mit dem Gerät. Wenn man das Ladegerät an das Stromnetz anschließt leuchten alle LEDs Grün. Sobald man aber ein Akku reinsteckt wird das Grüne Licht leicht Orange und bei voll aufgeladenen Akku Grün.Das Gerät sieht...
Price: €48.99

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FancyWhoop 4pcs HGLRC 1104 7500KV Brushless Motoren für jede Aurora 90 FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter Multirotors by FancyWhoop

  • Neue Wahl und beste alternative Motoren von winzigen whoop...
  • Schaftdurchmesser: 1.5mm, Motor Durchmesser: 14mm, Gewicht: 6g.
  • Kompatibel mit 2S 7.4V Lipo Batterie.

Product Description

4pcs HGLRC 1104 7500KV Brushless Motoren für jede Aurora 90 FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter Multirotors

1104 7500KV bürstenlose Motoren, wahnsinnige Kraft in kleinen Quadclattern.
Neue Wahl und beste alternative Motoren von winzigen whoop bürstenlosen Version Passend mit 1935, 2030, 3020 Propeller mit M2 Montagelöchern.
Schaftdurchmesser: 1.5mm, Motor Durchmesser: 14mm, Gewicht: 6g
Kompatibel mit 2S 7.4V Lipo Batterie

Technische Daten:
Artikel: 1104 7500KV bürstenlose Motoren
Konfiguration: NP
Statordurchmesser: 11mm
Stator Länge: 5mm
Schaftdurchmesser: 1.5mm
Motor Durchmesser: 14mm
Motor Mount Löcher: M2 auf Dia 9mm
Propellerhalter Löcher: M2 auf Dia 5mm
Gewicht: 6g
Batterie: 2S Lipo Batterie
Max. Dauerstrom (A): 11.8A
Max. Dauerleistung (W): 131W
Innenwiderstand: 0.19ohm

4 * 1104 bürstenloser motor
16 * M2x4 Schraube
16 * M2x6 Schraube

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